Steel Making Consultancy

With a Continues increase in quality and productivity requirements in steel making, Producers must respond and adapt in order to remain competitive. With a greater need of raw material flexibility and energy saving, advice from highly experienced consultants maximizes the performance of the plant. With a team of vast experience in engineering, installation, start up and commissioning capable of improving plant performance, reliability and safety. This is achieved by optimizing the process, equipment and quality from raw materials to liquid steel to provide permanent production excellence on a cost effective basis.

Performance check includes evaluation of the equipment, discussions with your experts and culminating in a report and expert comment, evaluation of detailed concepts and expert discussion with a finalized presentation of results and measures for a solution which includes expected cost, benefits and time schedule for subsequent implementation. Implementation of these measures is carried out in a fast and professional way by our team to ensure optimal results.

Production can be improved by process benchmarking, logistics study and energy efficiency. An equipment evaluation helps to profit from our teams engineering experience providing life time prediction, future requirements and opportunity for customized upgrades. Finally excellence in steel quality can be achieved through metallurgical, energy and environmental investigation, logistics studies and technology training.

Compliance of steel making process with environmental standards has become a big challenge of our time. With a competence and experience to fulfill environmental standards and help producers saving resources by creating values at every step of production chain. Industry Future and it's technical partner BSE ( Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH ) can provide Environmental Consultancy on Waste heat recovery system (energy efficiency increase), Gas Cleaning (Emission Reduction) and by product utilization (recycling).

Saving Resources
• Optimized use of raw materials
• Minimized gas emission
• Reduced energy consumption
• Efficient by product treatment and recycling

• Improved plant performance
• Lower consumption cost
• Reduced disposal cost
• Increased energy recovery
• Improved working condition and safety

These methods insure producer’s profit from increased plant performance while ensuring strict adherence to environment.

Our partner represents operational know-how of Badische Group Germany with BSW as one of the world’s leading mini-mills regarding productivity, efficiency, and cost with an experience of more than 300 projects worldwide. Our consulting and qualification service range from comprehensive know-how agreements (Mini Mill Culture), training seminars for companies and individuals (Training & Academy), Optimisation projects for specific steel-making areas, plant layout and business concepts.

The implementation of mini-mill culture is not limited to EAF & Carbon steelmaking. Our team also has experience in providing consultancy service to steel plants using other raw materials and metallurgical process for different steel grades including integrated mills. The know-how agreements with our partners have helped in optimizing productivity and efficiency by smart adaption of selected methods and technologies from mini-mills. Our partners have been perfuming several know-how agreements for rolling mills with long product range. Our team also provides consultancy service for wire processing plant.

Process technology consulting can increase plant performance and reduce conversion cost to support quick and proper selection of feasible improvement measures.

We and our partners together offer consulting service which helps producers to achieve and maintain high standards of product excellence. With our experience in engineering, installation, start-up and commissioning of steel plant all over the world, we are specialized and skilled in identifying the potential for improvement in plant performance.

Detailed and individuals concept are proposed to optimize a process, equipment and quality from raw materials to different steel types. By implementing these measures steel producers can ensure permanent plant production excellence.

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